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In A Richer Life podcast, it is my mission to create a Richer Life for myself and inspire others to do the same! We will explore courageous people's journeys to a Richer Life by diving deep to see how breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs, trauma can turn into triumph and pain can become your purpose. I believe that we all have a Richer Life waiting for us to claim and I am excited to support you and go on this journey together.


A.R.L. was inspired by my personal struggles and my own desire to expand in my life in ways that really matter to me with a purpose of inspiring others to do the same. Every other week, I will interview a guest and we will hear their personal story. We will also have Rich's Reals where I share my challenges and things I am doing to live A Richer Life. I want to hear from all of you as well and encourage everyone to live A.R.L, so let's go on this journey together.


We are not alone (even though it can feel like it). In fact, we are truly all in this together, so join me as we all courageously explore A Richer Life.

The Latest Episode

​Episode 2:

Markus Dives Deep - Addiction, Sobriety and Recovery

Markus Weingart, Coach, Father, Mentor and Spiritual Advisor to many who know him, including myself, courageously opens up and shares his amazing journey.  Markus discusses his earlier days growing up and his journey through addiction beginning in high school.  His athletic achievements were one of many things in his life derailed by his addiction.  "Drugs and alcohol took my life away from me.  My life had become what can I take from life instead of what can I give to life."  A rock bottom that would have almost certainly ended up with Markus dead or in jail has in many ways defined his life today.  "That is the magic of this process, being able to give back what was so freely given to me when I first needed help.  That's the wonderful circle of recovery."  There is no doubt Markus is living A Richer Life today and what almost killed him has become his purpose in many ways. 

Addiction is present in almost every family somewhere, so like all major issues which every family faces at some point, the question to ask is, 'are we paying attention to the elephant in the living room?'.  This episode focuses on Markus' story and purpose.  In a future episode with Markus, we will bring dealing with this disease full circle and explore his Intervention, Family Dynamics and Co-Dependency.

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