• Rich Weingart

A Richer Life - what does that even mean?

That’s a great question and for everyone out there, this is a personal journey that only you have the answer to.

For most of us, I would say A Richer Life means expanding your life in ways that are meaningful to you. Expanding is the key word here. When we are expanding in life, we are challenging ourselves and we are learning, we are growing. When we allow ourselves to expand in areas of our life we are authentically curious about, we grow in meaningful ways.

For most of us, I would say we are living A Richer Life when we are serving others. We live the most when we give the most.

For you, sometimes the answer is deep down in your soul, but it’s there. The ones deep down that keep silently whispering to you are the ones we tend to avoid the most because we fear them and what their truth might mean. These deepest truths can be our purpose. The good news is, they won’t ever leave you. The bad news is, they won’t ever leave you - so you can’t make them go away. You can only listen, answer and take courageous action or not. That silent music will either die inside of you or you will share it with the World.

Here’s to living A Richer Life, whatever that means for you, go for it!

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